As psychologists, we are in the unique position of witnessing what goes on behind-the-scenes of people’s lives. From this perspective, it is clear that many of us are struggling to stay healthy in an environment where our essential needs as human beings often go unmet. As our sense of security, connection, and belonging become compromised, emotional distress and fear naturally rise.

Psychologists are seeing far more anxiety, depression, and stress among those who venture into our offices. Under these conditions, creating the life you want can feel impossible. To complicate matters further, we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of conflicting advice about how to live our lives. What are the best parenting strategies? How do you create a relationship that stands the test of time? What can you do to manage the demands of both work and home? What are the best strategies for success and happiness in life? It’s tough to know what information to listen to and what to throw out.

The mission of the Institute for the Advancement of Mindful Living (IAML) is to bring the authentic dialogue about our shared human struggles out of our private offices into the public arena. We hope to disseminate information about effective and positive alternatives for healthy living to practitioners, and the public alike. Our aim is to help more people confidently proclaim, “I AM Living the life I want.”